Incorporating Motion Design Into Your Workflow With After Effects

Incorporating Motion Design Into Your Workflow With After Effects | Show Notes

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Illusion of Life - Disney Animation
Many of the techniques and principles we use everyday in motion design and animation were first discovered and refined by the early Disney Animators. The Illusion of Life is a classic in the principles of animation - especially covering the "12 Principles of Animation."

Video Copilot - Basic Training
If you want to learn After Effects this is where you start. But be sure to complete all the modules in Basic Training! These modules are designed to build off of each other.

School of Motion
If you are already familiar with After Effects, School of Motion is the ultimate source for advanced tutorials. Also, they have a weekly podcast interviewing many of the top animators in the business.

Animation Composer
Plugin offering thousands of time saving shortcuts.

FX Console
Hands down my favorite After Effects plugin. FX Console's easy searching of effects and ability to take screen shots in After Effects is irreplaceible. 

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